Ellen Giggenbach

I was born in Bavaria, Germany. When I was 5, my father’s fascination with volcanoes bought us all the way to the other side of the world, to New Zealand. I spent a wonderful childhood exploring thermal regions with my dad and sewing and crafting with my mother and sister. In my teens we moved to Vienna in Austria for 3 years where I developed my interest in graphic art. We returned to New Zealand where I continued to study and was awarded a New Zealand, Diploma with Distinction in Design.

I have now settled in the lovely little seaside village of Eastbourne in Wellington with my husband and two sons.

During my career I have enjoyed creating artwork for packaging and advertising, illustrating children’s books, designing clothing, stationery, bags and a variety of home wares as well as exhibiting in several art galleries.

My home is filled with a mix of 1950’s treasures, handcrafts and European folk art. My beautiful surroundings give me joy and inspiration to create my cut paper art. I enjoy featuring symbols of happiness, joy and love as well as depicting quirky characters such as dogs and birds in my work.

I start each piece of art with just a feel for the end result. I don’t like to draw too much. To keep the idea fresh I cut, place, move and often exchange a variety of graphic shapes, which I cut from art paper that I have previously painted with acrylics in a large variety of beautiful colours and hues. In a way, developing each piece is like creating an exciting new puzzle.