Gaia Marfurt

I was born in Rome. As a child, I loved creating lots of fantasy stories, playing with my many Barbie’s and making a real amazing theatre with them, entertaining my youngest sister for hours! And some of these stories often became little comics.

Sometimes I fell in love with a movie, and then I made drawings illustrating myself playing in the movie! I see drawing as a way to make dreams come true!

I graduated at the European Design Institute of Rome and I started working as a comics writer, drawer and colourist for many Italian children magazines such as “Hollie Hobbie”, “La principessa Sissi”, “Teddy” and“Isa e Bea streghe fra noi”.

Today I am married, living in a small little town at the foot of the Dolomites, and I am mother of four little children that are the best inspiration for my illustrations!
I love classic English literature and I am actually working on a graphic novel based upon “Northanger Abbey” from Jane Austen.