Ian Cunliffe

Ian Cunliffe is a popular illustrator who has provided artwork for well known children’s books, including Jeremy Strong’s ‘A Very Fishy Battle’ (Nominated on Richard & Judy Children’s Books Special) and ‘The Bun Gun’ (Televised on CBeebies’s Jackanory Junior). He has also produced illustrations to accompany 12 stories by Sarah, Duchess of York and recently illustrated a range of wooden toys for Hamley’s own brand.

The son of a craftsman bookbinder, Ian spent his childhood drawing on the endless supply of paper that came his way (when he wasn’t climbing trees).

On his way to becoming an illustrator, Ian ventured off to do special effects at Shepperton Studios where he was part of the team that created Robert De Niro’s prosthetics for Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein; then to Penguin Books for five years as a designer/illustrator.

Today, Ian works from home where he watches green parakeets fly past his studio window... and that’s before his imagination kicks in!

  1. Photo of The Tortoise and the Hare Canvas Print
    The Tortoise and the Hare Canvas Print by Ian Cunliffe
    This stylish and contemporary take on the classic fable “The Tortoise and the Hare” will be centre stage on your little one’s wall. Bursting with colour and a host of cute and cuddly forest friends enjoy telling this fabulous story to your little one as they point... Click here for more
  2. Photo of Flowery Leopard
    Flowery Leopard by Ian Cunliffe
    For any little girl this is a vast improvement to a boring spotty leopard - a leopard with flowers instead of spots! This gorgeous leopard cub is bound to be the envy of her other leopard friends as will your little girl be with this fab print in her room. Specifications: 60... Click here for more
  3. Photo of Turquoise Bunny
    Turquoise Bunny by Ian Cunliffe
    With a hop, skip and a jump, this gorgeous bunny will steal your little girl's heart. Its fresh colours and engaging design will make it a perfect addition to her wall and she is bound to be comforted by its friendly face over and over again. Specifications: 45 x 60 x 2 cm... Click here for more
  4. Photo of Pirate Ship Canvas Print
    Pirate Ship Canvas Print by Ian Cunliffe
    When I was young I had some fun upon a pirate ship! Welcome aboard! This exciting pirate adventure print comes complete with Jolly Roger, sword wielding pirates and scary sea monster and is sure to spark the imagination of little boys everywhere. This amazing design is something... Click here for more