Jennifer Ziliotto

Jennifer Durand, nee Ziliotto, grew up in Toronto, where she honed her talents as an artist at Claude Watson High School for the Performing Arts. After high school and a year of travel, she enrolled at Concordia University in Montreal where she majored in Performance Art.

It was in Montreal that Jennifer made her first foray into fashion when she began making patches that she gave away to friends. Her patches eventually spawned her first fashion venture, Lady Belle, which she ran in Toronto with terrific success for several years. Looking for a new challenge Jennifer was soon on the move again, and spent the summer in New York where she met her future husband, Bruno. Shortly after meeting, the two moved to Paris.

In Paris Jennifer had the good fortune to work at Chanel, alongside Karl Lagerfeld, an experience that she found profoundly influential. Although the experience was enriching and confidence building, Jennifer was anxious to start her own business with Bruno which led to the birth of Ziliotto, a thriving lifestyle boutique with unique women’s, children’s and baby clothing, as well as Ziliotto branded cosmetics and hand-painted pottery.

Most recently Jennifer has taken her love of drawing one step further and, much to the pleasure of her two young children, has illustrated two short children’s stories for Chirp magazine and Scholastic magazine in the U.K.