Lucy Monkman

I began my career as an illustrator with fashion illustration. I gradually broadened the range of my work and have since worked as a freelance illustrator in design, in editorial and in publishing. Clients that I have worked for include: Harpers & Queen, Junior, Paper House and Penguin Books.

From childhood though I have always loved drawing animals. This has increasingly led me to work on more projects for children. When I had my own children I really enjoyed creating images for them. From the artwork that I did for them I received commissions for the nurseries and bedrooms of other boys and girls. Now whenever I draw or collage a new animal I always ask my children if they can tell what it is and they are generally very patient in telling me the answer. They can also be quite diplomatic when a rabbit looks too like a mouse.

The majority of my work involves line drawing and collage. In addition to my commissioned work I have recently established my own paper goods business. This has enabled me to develop my illustration work for children and to work on designs with all sorts of animals.