Rory Tyger

English artist and author Rory Tyger grew up in the wilds of beautiful Exmoor, but now lives and works in North London. Rory wanted to be a pop star and started illustrating in his late 20s after realising he wasn't going to make a successful career in the music biz. "I was discovered by default - actually it was Newton who was discovered, and not me! I wanted to create a bear that had personality - someone you could feel real empathy with. In the past I have drawn many 'teddy bears' and they've all been plump and fluffy and cute just like so many other anonymous bears. With Newton I wanted him to have a brain, a voice and a story behind him. As soon as Newton appeared in books he started to become popular and I had my work cut out trying to keep up with him. When I was a child my favourite character was Herge's Tintin, and of course I also loved all the Disney classics and timeless things like Wind in the Willows".