Just Newton

By Rory Tyger

Just Newton
Bringing back memories of that favourite teddy bear that we all loved and dragged around endlessly as a child (much to our parents despair) , Newton the bear is both stylish and simple. Sure to bring the 'ahhh' factor to your nursery or playroom this lovable bear is just waiting to be taken home with you!

  • 30 x 40 x 2 cm (12 x 16 x 0.8 in)
  • Giclée cotton canvas print, finished on all sides
  • Stretched around a wooden frame (FSC approved wood)
  • Hanger attached for wall mounting


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About the Artist

Rory Tyger

English artist and author Rory Tyger grew up in the wilds of beautiful Exmoor, but now lives and works in North London. Rory wanted to be a pop star and started illustrating in his late 20s after realising he wasn't going to make a successful career in the music biz. "I was discovered by default - actually it was Newton who was discovered, and not me! I wanted to create a bear that had personality - someone you could feel real empathy with. In the past I have drawn many 'teddy bears' and they've all been plump and fluffy and cute just like so many other anonymous bears. With Newton I wanted him to have a brain, a voice and a story behind him. As soon as Newton appeared in books he started to become popular and I had my work cut out trying to keep up with him. When I was a child my favourite character was Herge's Tintin, and of course I also loved all the Disney classics and timeless things like Wind in the Willows".