Oswald and Oswaldina Canvas Print

By Sandra Isaksson

Oswald and Oswaldina Canvas Print

High above the treetops this gorgeous pair is perched. Wise daddy Oswald imparts some owly wisdom to the beautiful Oswaldina. Contemporary and elegant, this fabulous design is sure to spark your little one's love of beautiful design from an early age.


  • 54 x 54 x 2 cm (21 x 21 x 0.8 in)
  • Giclée cotton canvas print, finished on all sides
  • Stretched around a wooden frame (FSC approved wood)
  • Hanger attached for wall mounting

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Oswald and Oswaldina Canvas Print
Horace and Albertina


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About the Artist

Sandra Isaksson

Sandra Isaksson is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. She was brought up by a family of trolls in the heart of a Swedish forest. Her summers were spent sculpting clouds and painting rainbows. In the winters she carved with wind and whittled snowflakes from Skybears. Her family found her pretty and plump and blueberry kissed but as she grew up she became terribly unruly. They found it necessary to send her out in to the real world.

After studying languages and travelling the world Sandra pursued her true passion; design and illustration. Denmark offered a more continental feel and she undertook five years of design studies on Jutland. She has a BA and MA degree in Graphic Design and Illustration from The Art School of Kolding. She graduated in summer 2004 and moved to England with her British partner. Sandra has always been a keen illustrator and since the birth of her sons illustrating and writing for children has become an absolute passion. In her creative studio in south England she takes on design commissions from all around the world. Her work is regularly featured in international design magazines and books. Some recent clients include department stores, publishing houses, book publishers and clothing companies. Sandra is also the founder and head designer of scandi brit fusion brand ISAK , where she creates beautiful, happy things for the modern kitchen, lounge and kid’s room.

Sandra’s style is unmistakeably Scandinavian with splashes of colour influenced by her heritage and travels.