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If you are interested in featuring any of our products in a publication or on the web, please do not hesitate to contact Mia Papania.

You can contact Mia by email at mia@happyspaces.co.uk or by telephone on 020 8133 5023. She would love to hear from you and can provide samples for photography and high resolution images if required.

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14.05.2011 Homes and Bargains

See Happy Spaces at Homes & Bargains "the destination site for savvy homeowners with a keen sense of style and an eye for a bargain"

17.02.2011 Sheerluxe Boutique

"Happy Spaces are dedicated to discovering inspiring and beautiful artwork to make your child's room as special as possible"

17.02.2011 Mother Baby Earth

"Happy Art - I'd like to hang these on my walls ..."

14.02.2011 The Present Cupboard

"Happy Spaces is a great website. They have a wide range of artists and styles..."

13.09.2010 Bambino Goodies

"Cool Art for Children's Rooms" says Bambino Goodies

17.06.2010 Babyology

"Happy Spaces really lives up to its name ..."

26.05.2010 Mums Rock

Happy Spaces listed on popular baby blog Mums Rock

26.05.2010 Babyccinokids

Alison Jay Canvas Print from Happy Spaces a favourite for Babyccino

13.05.2010 Print and Pattern

Happy Spaces featured on the renowned 'Print and Pattern'

03.05.2010 DesignM.ag

Happy Spaces listed by DesignM.ag as one of 30 Well-Designed E-commerce Sites

19.04.2010 lepetitcoquin

Happy Spaces – interview with founders, Leanne & Mia

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