Meet the team

Leanne Franse, aged 2

Behind the ambitious, number crunching and perfectly professional exterior of our Happy Spaces director Leanne Franse, lies a true fun-seeking, artistic and totally chilled inner child - the one I grew up with since our early school days.

With the birth of her first son Jake, Leanne decided to reconnect with her inner child and once again surround herself with laughter, creativity and all things "happy". So she took the brave step and left an impressive career as a chartered accountant to start what can only be described as an epic adventure with none other than her lifelong friend Mia (me). The Happy Spaces mission was clear: to get as much beautiful and inspiring art into as many children's rooms as possible! And spread the happiness. Besides her adorable son Jake (now 2 yrs old), Leanne's favourite things are her Wii Fit, yoghurt digestives and her Husband Trevor - not necessarily in that order...

Biography by Mia

Mia Papania, aged 4

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Mia. With her cheeky grin, twinkly eyes, AMAZING hair and boundless enthusiasm, she soon became the little darling of anyone who met her. Blessed with endless energy, she involved herself in anything she could.

Mia and I became friends in primary school when we teamed up against horrid boys and then proceeded to giggle our way through the next 6 years. I watched as Mia grew up, excelling at everything with an ease that was somewhat frustrating! She earned her honours degree in business and threw herself into the corporate world with her trademark enthusiasm. Known now to my son as 'Mad Auntie MiMi', Mia has an absolute passion for life putting 100% effort into everything she does. I was so excited that Mia decided to take this huge step with me because there is no one more perfect for this mad, colourful, happy world than my mad, colourful, happy friend. May we all live happily ever after.

Biography by Leanne