November 2010

The library is a definite Happy Space

added 23rd November 2010

I have recently started taking my 3 year old son, Jake, to the library and what a revelation it has been! Gone are the days from my childhood when libraries were old, boring, stuffy places. Today’s libraries are brilliant for kids – lovely big spaces filled with loads of gorgeous, colourful books and things for them to climb on or through or just to sit on and page through the books. There’s also no ‘quiet’ rule which is important for any mum of a ‘spirited’ little boy or girl!

You are able to take out a staggering 24 books at a time and on our first visit I think Jake was amazed at my generosity of allowing him to get so many books. I did have quite a few talks with him after that about the fact that we were just borrowing the books as I thought we may have issues when returning the books but much to my surprise (and relief!) there were no issues and he was so excited again at getting more new books to enjoy for a fortnight.

I was thrilled to find 2 very special books on our last visit by 2 of our lovely artists, Caroline Jayne Church and Alison Jay - such gorgeous illustrations and lovely happy stories.

I can definitely say that the library is well worth a visit with any child who is mad about books and what’s so great for any parent is that it’s all free!!

Visit to see the fabulous designs in our collection by artists Caroline Jayne Church and Alison Jay.

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Happy Spaces New Stockist in London!

added 22nd November 2010

If you're in London, why not pop into the beautiful new baby boutique 'Masiel Bebe' that has just opened in Maida Vale.

We are proud to announce that Happy Spaces canvas prints are now available to view and order in store, along with a range of designer baby wear carefully selected by owner Masiel.

Their address is 18 Bristol Garden, London W92JQ

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Father and Son Launch an iPhone into Space!

added 19th November 2010

Some friday night fun. Enjoy the views!

Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.

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added 1st January 1970

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added 1st January 1970

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