April 2010

Family First

added 29th April 2010

Making time for family has always been one of the number one priorities for Leanne and I at Happy Spaces, and was one of the main reasons we decided to leave a life in the city to start our own company. Recently I was lucky enough to take some time out and visit family in Vancouver, Canada – what a beautiful city!

Our first stop in Vancouver was to see my brother and family. I haven’t seen them all for almost 2 years and was especially excited to see my little niece who is now already 8 years old! I wanted to bring her a gift for her birthday that had just past – something special that could remind her of me all the way over in London.

So I told my niece she could choose a Happy Spaces’ canvas for her room – whichever one she liked. Well, I have been told by my brother that she was extremely excited and took her decision very seriously. By using a strict process of elimination she went though the entire collection until she had it down to her top 10 favourites and then onto her top 5 etc. until she had the ‘one’. Being a ‘girly girl’ and a lover of the outdoors it was no surprise that she decided on ‘Butterflies’ by Rachel Taylor (you can see it on her wall below - albeit a little blurry as it's taken on my iphone!).

Thankfully it was the perfect size to fit neatly in my suitcase - so there was one delighted niece and one even more relieved auntie! The gorgeous mix of big pink butterflies and baby love hearts fits so effortlessly with the décor in the rest of her room it was the perfect choice, and now sits proudly on her wall – Happy Birthday Kayla!

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Happy Spaces in the Press

added 20th April 2010

LePetitCoquin recently did an interview with the Happy Spaces Founders. This beautiful blog by Ruth Rubicourt tells of the adventures of motherhood. Ruth is a mum to son Louis and lives in Dublin, Ireland. Ruth says of Happy Spaces,"There are loads of fab artworks (too many for me to list here!!)". Read her full interview now at LePetitCoquin

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