February 2011

Happy Spaces New Stockist in Germany

added 22nd February 2011

Toy stores as charming as Die Kinderstube are a rare find these days. With an overwhelming selection of beautifully made toys for boys and girls one could spend hours browsing their bright displays. If you are ever in Berlin, be sure to pop in and take a peek. Happy Spaces canvases will be there to greet you!

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Make your own Valentine’s Day cards with the kids

added 1st February 2011

At Happy Spaces we love ideas of how we can get crafty with the kids, so here is a short video of how to make super cute Valentine’s Day cards with your little one by one of our lovely and very talented artists, Jennifer Ziliotto.

We would love to see your homemade Valentine’s Day cards – please send them to info@happyspaces.co.uk and we’ll post them on the blog

To browse or buy artwork by Jennifer click here.

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added 1st January 1970

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