May 2012

In the Press Again!

added 31st May 2012

Take a look at our latest press in the May 2012 issue of the lovely Baby&Me magazine:

The featured artwork is our very popular London Town Canvas Print which can be purchased from for £49.95.

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Three lovely new prints!

added 24th May 2012

This week we are excited to announce the addition of 3 beautiful new designs to the Happy Spaces Gallery.

First up is the ‘Magical Fairy Castle’ by Liza Lewis. Wings, wands, acorns, toadstools, and a magical castle, it's a fairy wonderland! Beautifully created this enchanted woodland is beaming with happy fairies and cuddly forest friends. £64.95.

Next we have ‘My First Alphabet’ from artist Laila Hills. It's never too early to start practising your ABC's! Complete with a host of cute characters and fun icons for your little one to point out, the soft tones in this elegant print will make the perfect finishing touch to your nursery. £64.95.

Last but certainly not least, one for the boys. 'Blue Retro Animals' by Lucy Monkman is a delicate combination of cool colours and assorted geometric shapes the perfect piece for a contemporary nursery. Boasting a host of cute characters, 'blue retro animals' will have both mom and babe smiling. Fun and stylish, this would make a lovely gift. £54.95.

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Deal of the Week!

added 8th May 2012

With so much rain about, the wettest April since records began and more rain to come, we are convinced that there is a second version of Noah's Ark being built somewhere that we haven't been told about! With all this greyness and wetness around you could be forgiven for feeling a little flat, however, we are of the opinion that 'if you can't beat it then celebrate it'! So we are hoping to brighten your week with a very special offer on our very popular Noah's Ark canvas print and fine art print. We are offering a whopping 20% off both at £43.96 and £15.96 respectively for one week only - absolutely perfect for any special Christenings coming up.  


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